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Three new buildings!

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Sunday night game of “pétanque”. Tortoise making water among the stones of the ballast of the “Utile” Tip for vertical shooting View of the three new revealed buildings

Sunday night, a game of “petanque” has assembled the entire population of the island near the parking at the end of the runway. It was Jean-Michel and Jean-François (Loulou) who brilliantly won the tournament.

Full moon and cool night, rain greets early risers who had barely enough time to rescue the laundry on the clothesline. The grains fortunately didn’t last and the covered sky that follows doesn’t displease us.

Monday, resuming work with a more pleasant temperature than last Friday. Bako, to save the spirit of the dead in Madagascar, offers a bit of rum and poured out a bumper on the site.

We clear the sediment of the penultimate building discovered until the archaeological layer.

The floor is strewn with pieces of tortoise shells and a large quantity of iron nails, from the framing of “l’Utile”, many of which are planted in the soil, but also a few fragments of copper, lead and glass.

The big surprise of the day comes again elsewhere ... Quick succession, the interior walls of two new buildings have emerged and later in the afternoon, those of a third which is a building located partially beneath a water tank.

One of the new buildings is partly cleared; it also seems to have been excavated in one of these corners by the weather forecast, early in their installation.

Here we are confronted with a kind of hamlet with about 9 or 10 buildings nested one inside the other. The influence of the walls, which often measure more than two meters, is very important and that their construction work requested seems considerable.

We thought we had found most of the space inhabited by the castaways in 2008, we notice with surprise that we are far from that.

Of course, we need to digest all these discoveries and the amount of questions they awaken.