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The discoveries accumulate

Dairies 2010 [chronological order]

Bako’s square excavation   Over view of the site. On the right, the last building found and on the left, the tent where Bako works    Speculation on the exterior wall structure

There is no laggard in the morning to work on the new building emerged yesterday. Max, inside, and Thomas on the outside, apply to follow the wall brought light.

The first panel includes a wall that follows the base of beautiful plates of "beach rock", mounted vertically, and above coral blocks rather flat.

The second follows a less well-built wall, because it is a question there of setting up first and foremost a protection against the wind and the sea.

In her sector, Bako continued stripping a square of 1m² and is in the presence of a large number of items: pins and nails of iron, copper fragments, and remains of tortoises, a giant clam shell and a bone needle of about twenty centimeters long.

Everyone works in the shade thanks to Philip who installed two tarpaulins, to protect themselves from sun beating really hard, especially early in the afternoon.

We drink a lot, very fortunately Olivier's last checking, leader of the station, informs us that we shall not run out of neither water, nor cool drinks.

Yesterday evening, a message from Teelock Vijaya, Director, of the History Department at the University of Mauritius explains to  us that the arrival of two archaeologists Mauritius has been accepted, and they could come by the Mauritian Coast Guard Dornier , the same who brought Yann Von Arnim last year.

In the afternoon, we remain perplexed in front of the composition and direction of the outer wall of the building brought to light.
The disorder of coral blocks scattered on the sand is not understandable, especially since all exposed stone cannot be taken without knowing whether it is part of a wall or if it is simply placed at randomly on the ground. Each scratches, sweeps, calculates, discusses and jokes about the dilemma which is put to us.

A small white boat passes nearby, the first since our arrival. He calls the station on VHF and identifies himself; it is the “Curieuse”, on a mission for the TAAF.

At the very end of the afternoon Joe, who spotted a boundary between rock and sand, grabbed a shovel and dig frantically. Complete surprise, this is not the exterior wall that we are looking for but it locates the inner wall of a new building! Everyone sits down to think about the situation.

We’re no longer faced at the five buildings listed by Commander Parker in 1851, but already six...