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November 10th 2008
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- An imposing building -  

Laurent Hoarau busy taking photos
Crédit photo : Max GUEROUT

The good weather resists and after a day of slight resting we set out again with ardour for a new week. As the days are hot, we decided to start work half an hour earlier, at 07:00, to profit from the morning freshness.

Sunday, the photos of the objects found last week continues, at the same time Jean-François continued to update the database.

In the early hours, everyone attacks the releasing of the outside of the building, by removing the layer of sediment which is on the top of the famous white layer of sand which announces us the arrival of the serious business.

The building is relatively exiguous, but the walls are very consequent. Once released, the unit forms a kind of ovoid which gives to the construction a fullness and particular atmosphere.

The clearing of the sediment of the outside wall and the cleaning of the archaeological layer in front of the entrance makes it possible to find some objects: the bottom of a Chinese bowl, a piece of copper carrying the draft of a spoon in hollow and, to the right of the entrance, in a layer of rubbles, a humerus belonging to the same individual of which we already found the remainders.

Along the outside wall, in the east, we clear the starter of a new wall which is lined up with the northern interior wall of the building. We follow this new wall by releasing the base, after a few meters, it turns to the right at 90 degrees, then again, after two meters, towards the left, drawing at the same time a kind of court external and the starter of one second part. The unit really starts to look good.

We received a message from the class of CM2, of Semoy (Académie d’Orléans), a class which already followed the 2006 campaign: we send them a friendly greeting.

Interior home of the building
Photo : Thomas ROMON

Information arrives concerning the lead poisoning: Sébastien Berthaut-Clarac, who is in charge, between others, of the rehabilitation of housing sometimes insalubrious, knows the question well. Important information, it seems that the lead is fixed at 98% on the bones; we should therefore know if the human bones found belong to one of our Malagasy slaves.

View of the entirely cleared building
Photo : Jean-François REBEYROTTE
While I finish the writing of the journal, I see through the window, at a hundred meters, the sea which breaks on the beach and a turtle that frolics about on the surface, before this night coming to deposit his laying.