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November 8th and 9th 2008
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- A woman ? -  

Sunset on the east coast of the island
Photo : Max GUEROUT

Still very good weather, yesterday the wind mill even stopped turning.
The weather forecast predicts a few days of weak winds. In the evening everyone is going for a swim in the sea because the beaches are finally approachable.

As usual Saturday’s are devoted to the photography of the objects found during the week and to the feeding (updates) of the database.

On the site the sediment contained inside the home is emptied and filtered; a precise plan of the interior of the habitat is established. We also start to seek to release the outside of the southern and eastern walls; the ground is strewn with blocks of coral in the middle of which it is difficult to be recognized there. After some groping, in the morning, part of this wall is gradually released, but there also surprised, because the walls are approximately two meters in thickness. Thus for an interior width of approximately 1, 6 m, the influence on the ground of the building in width is approximately 5, 6 m.
For Madagascans renowned to construct their houses only with plant elements here is a very imposing building.

Under the eye of the camera of Jean Boggio, Max releases one of the lead washbowls
Photo : Jean-François REBEYROTTE

Thomas Romon profits from the inventory to re-examine the human bones put up to date during the week, he confirms that it concerns only one person: from 20 to 25 years old, slender perhaps a woman.

A third trained team of Nick Marriner and Joe Guesnon carries out the topography between sea and high beach, the idea is to have a representation of the island as precise as possible on which we can carry all the observations being archaeological, geological or others.

Now that the connections work again, we receive each day greetings, encouragements, but also questions put on the forum, which is broadcasted to us and which we try to answer.